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Making the WEB faster <1 second at a time. is a premier web development company located in north central Pennsylvania. Our focus, goal and philosophy are centered on making the Internet faster. We add value to website design and user experience by building extremely fast loading responsive websites.

     With a 20-year history of web development and Internet marketing success, owner and founder, Scott Turner has helped to bring millions of Internet users to some of the webs most successful companies. Exploration into the correlation between page load speeds, user experience and increased revenue has been the foremost driving force of success, and that which has led him to start this company,

     The concept of web pages loading in less than one second spurred the nomenclature, sub-1, of course meaning “less than one”.

Definition: <1(<1=sub 1): Meaning: sub 1= Less than one. **In our case, this is a measurement of less than 1 second for a web page to load.